Leithart on American Christians

From Credenda:

Christians in the modern age have often ridden the wave of sacrificial politics, and American Christians have shown as little resistance as any. Christians are among the most patriotic Americans. So seamless is our union of American ideals with Christianity that it is difficult for us to consider even the possibility that our nation is a sacrificial system competing with God and the church for our loyalty. It is virtually unthinkable that God might call us to the sacrifice of martyrdom in opposition to America rather than to sacrifice in defense of America. No wonder activist Christians are so readily folded back into the system. Until we get sacrifice straight, until there are actual martyrs, our resistance to statism will remain anemic.

His article describes nation states as transformed churches, demanding ultimate loyalty.

10 thoughts on “Leithart on American Christians”

    1. Btw, God talk can often be cheap, but “sacrifice” is the reality itself! What price are we paying even in our “theological” witness, is it Christ, or just more verbiage? Note once again Luther’s theologia crucis contra theologia gloriae!

      1. Leithart was a “theonomist” years back, and this is or was most certainly “American”. And I guess he is still Post-mill? So to make this kind of historical statement, seems thin to me at least. What “sacrifice”?

          1. I am not saying it rules it out, but the American Reformed Post-mill, has its own historical place, and I am not so sure “sacrifice” is part of that, in any central sense. I think Leithart must adjust in this history, in making such a statement.

          2. I am not so sure Joel? Certainly the Historic Pre-Mill, and even A-Mill has common ground that evil though destroyed has not been removed! The so-called “priori” is that we are in the end of the ‘already but not yet’ victory of and in Christ! It is a real biblical tension, but one that we know the end is “Christ Himself”!

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