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AnglicanTV should have videos of yesterday’s sessions up soon, if they don’t already. The first meeting took place at 3:30 in the sanctuary of Church of the Apostles. here in Raleigh. Archbishop Rwaje spoke, telling the gathering: “You are part of us and we are part of you.” He said that those who have ‘deserted’ are welcome back at any time, but that any such move must be orderly – there can be no cheap reconciliation.
Archbishop Duncan then preached, saying that Jesus’ last words to Peter in John were ‘follow me’, just like at the first. The challenge to us is to follow him today, not worrying about where he will take us tomorrow. Archbishop Duncan then said that he wanted to share wisdom with the Moving Forward Together that was gained by the ACNA leadership over the years.
He mentioned that something began to change with AMiA about two years ago. The move from full jurisdictional partner to mission partner took place, and all communication was to take place between the Bishop Chairman (Bishop Murphy). This was a profound sadness. Why did it happen – we don’t know, but we are all sinners. Reconciliation requires all parties to “claim.”
Duncan continued, “In the Spring of 2004, I received a communication from Lambeth that said you in North America will never get it together.” ACNA was birthed out of a resolve to show this to be wrong. Bishop Murphy was a founding signer of ACNA. Duncan mentioned three “do you love me” relationships:
1. With Rwanda. What must we do to feed that relationship? We must continue to be in relationship. We must continue to be on mission. You cannot abandon those who birthed and harbored you (applause).
2. With ACNA. “We need you.” Duncan mentions Anglican 1000 – “you were the heartbeat of it.” Church planting is key, Duncan says “I’m preaching to the choir.” We need to think about how and where discipline is done. It’s a cruel thing to hand discipline to bishops 8,000 miles away, it doesn’t encourage accountability. The notion of a personal prelature is not Anglican, not synodical. We must be in this together.
3. The 130 million. The unreached. It won’t do for us to stay closed in these buildings. I will do everything I can to stand with you. I am here with you, I will be here with you, we will do this thing together and will do it with Rwanda.

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  1. Do you mean “at Apostles,” in Raleigh? There is an AMiA “All Saints” in Chapel Hill, I think. In Raleigh there is an Anglican “All Saints” which is with the REC.

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