The Work and Design of the Enemy?

The new statement out from the RenewDC clergy today adds context to events of this past year, and it exposes questionable behavior from Pawleys Island. One example of this is the infamous press release on November 5th from AMiA. It said:

We have recently been made aware that a number of unfounded rumors and false assertions regarding the relationship between the Anglican Mission and Rwanda have begun to swirl in various circles and on the Internet. We are releasing this statement together to urge you not to be misled or distracted by those who would sow destructive seeds of discord through innuendo and commentary, for we know that this is the work and design of the Enemy.

The work and the relationship between the AMiA and the Province of Rwanda remains solid and cherished, as we discuss and explore together the future shape of our life and our work in the mission from the Lord which we share on two continents. As always, we ask for your prayers and support as we continue to seek the best way forward together in growing the Lord’s Kingdom on both sides of the Atlantic.

Remember the context of this release. Cindy Brust had released a press release the day before attacking Kevin Kallsen and George Conger. At almost the same time the Washington Statement made its way to the internet, exposing the Brust press release as bluster and half truths. Bishop Murphy responded by issuing this press release attributing “commentary” to “the Enemy.” The baffling thing at the time was how Archbishop Rwaje could have signed this release. Well, we now know that  “Rwaje later expresses regret in being pressed by the AMiA to sign this statement without knowing what was happening internally within the AMiA.”

It seems that Archbishop Rwaje was rushed into signing something by an overzealous Pawleys Island. Using the Archbishop in this way was shameful. Pawleys Island should remove this inane press release from its website as soon as possible. The entire website also needs an immediate update as the Rwandan pictures, links and stories are now irrelevant.

7 thoughts on “The Work and Design of the Enemy?”

      1. Honestly, brother, you don’t do that in your posts to start out with so why do anything different. Half of your posts are just rehashing what someone else says and is usually based on 3rd party stories.

        Just so I understand, you can only comment if you respond to questions that are asked and interact with facts?

        Secondly, all of your comments makes it out that Murphy waves his hands and fools everyone including several Archbishops. C’mon Man! Seriously, it makes it out that the Archbishops are freaking clueless and can’t think for themselves. All they do is rely on the Murphy and his goons to tell them what to do.

        Do you believe that? Or do you believe these Archbishops to be godly men who are doing more than just doing whatever Chuck says?

        1. I’ve answered your questions and been patient with you. I’ve let you comment with impunity.

          Your characterizations of what I say are not accurate, and you haven’t cited examples. You have provided no alternative explanation for the facts. You just come on here and bluster. That’s your right, but maybe you should just get your own blog and do it. What I do is use quotes, cite sources, etc.

          And really, this is just a blog, so if I delete a comment, no big deal.

          1. Thank you so much for letting me post on your wonderful blog. Thank you for giving me impunity (don’t really need it)

            My characterizations are accurate that is why it stings. And to say I bluster – well, that is the funniest crap i have read. You do use quotes – kudo’s for you regurgitating what everyone else writes. I don’t want a blog – I want people like you to shut your mouth.

            And true, it is just a blog. If you don’t mind, please delete all of my comments.

            It gets to a point and I remember what my dad told me – you can’t argue with a jackass.

  1. >Drew
    >January 12, 2012 at 6:16 pm
    >Come on Joel – really? What is putting him down? Comments made by >you, Matt Kennedy and others have been as far away from brotherly love >as anything I can imagine.

    >January 14, 2012 at 5:51 pm
    >I don’t want a blog – I want people like you to shut your mouth.
    >It gets to a point and I remember what my dad told me – you can’t argue >with a jackass.

    Thanks for the concrete demonstration of the brotherly love you chided Joel for not having!

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