Bishop Jones – is the New Thing Anglican?

David Roseberry reports on Bishop Phil Jones’ Winter Conference presentation, and paraphrases:

The AM is a non institutional whirlwind, a swirl of mission to infect and effect others.

The AM is now a global effort. That’s the new word for TheAM. Not even needing to be Anglican.

We want to be attached somewhere. Wherever.

UPDATE: The remarks of Jones that Roseberry referred to are found at 11:30 of this video where he says “…affect and infect other structures, whether they be ACNA, whether they be Anglican structures or whether they be non-Anglican structures.”

Also, Jones said in this article: “that Anglican Mission will likely become a missionary society with ties to several overseas bishops but not be part of any one province.”

10 thoughts on “Bishop Jones – is the New Thing Anglican?”

  1. Well, there you have it.


    The AM – Murphy et al will no longer be able to use the AMiA brand. The name of the continuing Rwandan concern will be AMiA??

    OK the AM is NOT NECESSARILY ANGLICAN. Wow, when X percent of the parishioners find out about that, watch the exits!

    To use a sort of cowboy metaphor, II find it completely incredible that Murphy’s under-bishops want to ride the open range with him.

    Yours truly is one priest who’ll be staying home in the Rwandan fold.

  2. “The AM – Murphy et al will no longer be able to use the AMiA brand. The name of the continuing Rwandan concern will be AMiA??”

    Didn’t see that in there. If I am not mistaken, didn’t AMiA change their name to The AM a long time ago anyway?

    1. Although I agree that dropping the Anglican connection would be shocking, especially considering that the name is Anglican Mission.

      However, based on the way some Anglicans have been treating other Anglican brothers…..I wonder if that would not be a better place for me anyway.

      1. Right, like how Murphy and Kolini have treated Rwanda. TheAM is just a marketing term, it’s not official. Ultimately, who cares about the name? The AMiA name is now semi toxic.

        1. Don’t return evil for evil. No matter how others treat you doesn’t give you the right or anyone the right to keep trashing Murphy and Pawley’s Island.

          BTW – I don’t know Chuck Murphy. Never met him. Matter of fact, I don’t know hardly any of the leadership, save Loomis whom I only met very briefly. I was confirmed by Glenn. I have no bias in this fight. I have only been an Anglican for a few years and could frankly care less about the politics side of these things. I didn’t come from the TEC and don’t care the emotional baggage that many have to carry.

          But you don’t need to know Murphy personally or be a member of one of the Apostle Mission Network churches to have a passion in this fight. I continually read how people talk to each other and continually trash the other side and I am tired of it.

          The enemy is winning here. I hope people can see it. This is taken our minds off the gospel and church planting and putting it here. Blogs who post every day about the latest gossip doesn’t help. Nor does removing comments you don’t agree with. If you are going to trash someone, let someone stick up for them.

          1. A. You don’t need to read this blog, feel free not to. B. How is telling a story “trashing” the other side? Give me an example of “trashing.”

  3. Drew,

    The enemy also wins if things are hidden away in darkness instead of being brough out into the open, into the light. There are a number of serious issues involved here. The Bible tells us that if we do not build upon the right foundation, what we build will be swept away. These issues must be dealt with. They cannot be ignored. If you are feeling disheartened, it is the enemy that is playing upon your feelings. Resist him and he will flee.
    Trust in God. He is at work in the midst of all that is happening, in ways that you cannot imagine. Remember that God’s ways are not our ways. He is sovereign. He will prevail.

  4. Joel – based on your comment “What I do is use quotes, cite sources, etc. ” – where do you cite the source that you got the info from David Roseberry.

    You probably should add that you got it from a twitter account (citing the source) and probably should admit that you are doing a bit of eisogesis based on not knowing full context.

  5. I think the name change was to facilitate their new Apple APP that downloads God’s revelations to Chuck Murphy directly to their iPhones.

    The new app will be called iAM.

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