AMiA Winter Conference – Bishops’ Roundtable

This afternoon, the AM bishops held a roundtable; the audio is available at this link. Some takeaways:

Archbishop Kolini states that “the whole problem is around power. There were five candidates to take my place. 10 voted for 1, the other voted for himself.” He is calling Bishop Alexis out here I think. He is consistently trying to hang this mess on Alexis.

He says:

Rwanda wanted to hold a remote control to the AM, that had to be resisted. We shall remain in relationship with Rwanda – godly people from Rwanda and America, Baptists, Catholics, whoever. But we shall resist the spirit of remote control.

So episcopal oversight now equals “remote control”?

Bishop Murphy says:

there was a growing discontent amongst the Apostles Mission Network…it began to surface..I began to get disturbing emails from people in that orbit. I talked to Terrell about setting tone and direction (with them). It never really got the traction I hoped it would get. In fact, the internet is an indicator that it got worse, especially from Washington. It got so bad that I was getting notices from the press that things were being coordinated between Rwanda and DC. And then Terrell resigned in the Council of Bishops meeting. I was surprised that Terrell’s statement referenced a conflict with me.

TJ and David Young worked out an arrangement where we could sit down and work through the many chapters of our life. I felt like we reached some reconciliation. Terrell and Thad feel strongly about not following this path, which I honor. But I feel we should be able to say ‘go in peace to love and serve the Lord.’

Bishop Miller discusses the Nairobi meeting and says that the Archbishop of Kenya spoke very highly of the AM and work that they have done. He says that there was ‘talk about us (AMiA) coming back under Rwanda.’ Rwanda indicated that ‘There would need to be repentance, stop the mission society for at least six months and distance ourselves from the retired Primates.’ The AMiA didn’t feel they could do this. The communiqué was going to say that Rwanda and the AM had reconciled, but Miller felt that was not true, reconciliation has only begun.

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