AMiA Winter Conference – Bishop Murphy’s Address, Part II

If you don’t want to listen to the entire audio of the presentation, here is a summary of the second half of Bishop Murphy’s presentation:

Chuck Murphy Address part 2

I am not interested in building my case at someone else’s expense.  Let’s model a better way to handle a firestorm.

I am convinced that good people can strongly disagree. (PPT slide)

For instance:
* Paul and Barnabus (Acts 15): God used both these men.  They had to separate for a while.

  • Leaders of the Reformation (Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, Cranmer, – “pick your favorite.”)

They were doing the best they knew how – that’s OK.

  • Leaders of 38,000 Christian denominations.  Are we going to say that 37,999 are wrong?  Of course not.
  • the 1054 Scism

God throws different nets to catch different fish.

Here’s another group that strongly disagrees:

  • The leaders of the Alphabet soup, which we used to call the Anglican Communion (PPT slide with cluster of circles representing different Anglican groups).

All groups have good people that love the Lord.  We should lay down our arms; they are not the Enemy; they just see it differently.  They just disagree.

We work with different groups of Anglicans; they can get along.

The Lord knows what he’s doing with the different fishing nets.

When there are big issues and dissension, God moves!  We see this in the Epistles (I Cor 1: “I am of Paul, I am of Apollos, etc).  Lighten up… good stuff can come of this.

Good things come out of difficult times.

  • The Church of England
  • The 39 Articles
  • The Book of Common Prayer
  • The Anglican Mission
  • What God has in store for our future

Phylis Tickle, in The Great Emergence, says:

“Every 500 years, the church cleans out its attic and has a rummage sale.”

This happened in the:

  • Apostolic Age
  • Monastic Age
  • The Great Schism of 1054
  • The Reformation
  • the 21st Century Realignment

God has used this differently for good.  He can produce remarkable things.  It’s important that we don’t start classifying “black hats” and “white hats” – good guys and bad guys.

Missionary Societies have been very valuable in the past.

(Quoting from John Rodgers book): There will be diversity in the Kingdom of God, which provides a richness in which we can all rejoice and learn.

Note also one of the Principles of Thermodynamics:

The greater the heat, the greater the expansion.

This is true in both the physical AND the spiritual realms.  God has something more than the heat.  It’s essential for us NOT to quit.  We need to hang in there.

Let’s take the prophet Jeremiah as an example:

  • He was not well received!
  • He ministered for 40 years.
  • He prophesied during the reign of 5 kings.
  • He prophesied to those who didn’t want to hear.
  • He prophesied to call them home.
  • He was rejected by the clergy of his day.
  • He was thrown into a well and exiled.

Hang in there!

  • How is it that people can go through difficulty with courage?  The Living God.
  • How is it that people can handle rejection and take the high road?  The Living God.

Jeremiah would NOT QUIT.

I hold to the conviction that our call is truly from God.  I have confidence in the call God has given us.  You are here at Winter Conference because God has called you, and he wants to speak through you and to you in this place.

Who are you listening to?

  • Self talk?  You know, the Green Lizard on your shoulder, speaking self-doubt into your ear?  You need to flick off that lizard, and listen to
  • The Spirit of the Living God.  That’s the voice we want to hear.


  • Psalm 23
  • Joshua 1:7
  • I Cor 2:9

Here’s the issue: DON’T GIVE UP.  

Quote from Thomas Edison: “Many of Life’s failures are from those who didn’t realize how close they were to success.”

We will NOT QUIT talking about the Missionary Society.

  • We have precedent in the Celtic model.
  • It would provide stable, sustainable, flexible platform for changing times.
  • It would position us for the future.

David exercised this kind of leadership when he saw a Kingdom in the North, and a Kingdom in the South, and decided to move the Capital to Jerusalem.  It had never been done before, but it was necessary for the long-term vitality of the nation.

The Missionary Society is a way for us to order our lives to reflect our actual reality.

It would provide continuity in oversight.

It would allow us to continue church planting.

I understand that not everyone sees this vision.  Sometimes people disagree, but they are wrong, and just don’t get it.  They can emote with rich clarity and be so wrong.

God is giving it legs, strength, and it will have a HUGE impact.

Steve Jobs wanted to do things with excellence, both inside and outside his devices.  He had a dream, a vision, to change the world.  When he died, he had the largest corporation on the planet.

Now, if Steve Jobs could change the world like that, what could GOD do?  HE has a vision, and we will have the power to change the world.


Excellence.  A vision.  Knowing why we’re here.  This is our dream, this is where we are going.


Notice the similarities between Winter Conference and Acts 1 & 2.


In Acts 1, they were praying, waiting, and expecting.  So are we!


And what happened in Acts 2?  The power of God fell mightily, and the world was changed.


We are asking God to give you that power.  We have a lot more to do.


We’re not quitting.

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  1. This is a general comment about the various summaries of +Murphy’s talks: I don’t get it. Yes, the bible has groups who don’t agree with each othe, but Jerusalem in Acts 15 is about coming together to work through different visions, not agreeing to disagree, or whatever +Murphy is talking about. Also, even if the vision for a missions society rather than a prelature is indeed from God, it seems obvious that the way the shift occurred was not neutral, it seems very clear that there substantial moral failures committed by various bishops. I’m wondering if any of the people at the Winter Conference are thinking these same things…

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