AMiA [resigned] Bishop Silas on a ‘spiritual tsunami’



Resigned Bishop Silas Ng says that the AMiA has survived a ‘spiritual tsunami.’ Writing on his blog, he says:

During the Network Leaders lunch I asked Archbishop Moses Tay a question of what he thought should be the best way to face with what he called “spiritual tsunami” of the present AMiA crisis. He said, “More closer to Jesus!” Yes, whenever a major attack comes to a nation the key of whether to break or to strengthen the nation is always a major learning point for historians. And to “spiritual attack or even spiritual tsunami” , the answer is to be more closer to Jesus. At the end of the meeting, Archbishop Kolini told me, “Silas, this will lead AMiAs to a new level!” Indeed, we have been raised by the Lord to a new level through this crisis!

What these AMiA communications never account for is just what has caused the crisis and how it could be ended. They talk as if it came out of nowhere and they had nothing to do with it. The very proposal that they are now announcing for a Global Mission Society is what blew things up, with several other issues attached to it. This was the doing of the Pawleys Island leadership, not ‘the internet’ or any evil forces. In fact, when called to slow down or stop these discussions by their ecclesiastical superiors, they spurned these calls and quit. Now they seem to be pushing ahead with their idea for an unaccountable Communion within the Communion (if indeed it stays within Anglicanism at all) and they continue to talk up this spiritual warfare angle – something sure to be a hit with the charismatic elements within the AM.

Tonight’s opening service of this year’s Winter Conference demonstrated the best of AMiAs – the same spirit of Christlikeness in everybody’s eyes. It’s not difficult to discern this spirit of unity especially in the midst of a spiritual tsunami. I am so joyful to learn from the Lord that we survive this spiritual tsunami which try to pull down AMiAs in one strike! The key word I received so clearly today is just one word – REVEAL.

Again, there was nothing attempting to “pull down” the AMiA. Right now, all systems could be go with a godly submission to Rwanda per Archbishop Rwaje’s request in early December. Bishop Silas is not seeing outside of the box that he is in. AMiA could have had a dialog, indeed, this is what Cindy Brust promised when she wrote “we intend to develop a format to provide an organized opportunity for clergy and lay representatives from all of our Networks to speak into the “shape” of a proposed Missionary Society.” It didn’t happen.

More truth will be revealed by the Lord in the coming few weeks or months of what really happened and is happening. The blindness of people will be no more and characters will be revealed.

Will more ‘truth’ be revealed by the Lord or by the AMiA? The AMiA went quiet while negotiations were ongoing with ACNA, will they maintain that radio silence or will be treated to more accounts from Pawleys Island? The message from their circles is:

* They were blindsided by an attack

* They were forced to resign

* Satanic forces were behind this attempt to destroy the AMiA

* They bravely resigned and focused on being a mission, nothing more, nothing less

This account entirely ignores their own actions and has more to do with a corporate marketing campaign than an account of what happened.

6 thoughts on “AMiA [resigned] Bishop Silas on a ‘spiritual tsunami’”

  1. Joel – when you say that the accounts from their circles – what circles is that? Are there some AMiA blogs saying these things and if so, where? Which blogs?

    1. I am referring to the Quay story in Virtue online and the Boysel story on Internet Monk. Virtue online also functions as a virtual press office for the AM.

      1. 1 other Anglican blog and a post on 1 other blog vs your blog VS. Matt Kennedy’s SEVERAL posts, your several posts (7 related to AMiA on your home page) = not exactly equal reporting

        1. They are free to report on whatever they want. Don’t blame me for their inability to navigate the internet era.

          1. Do you watch NFL football? On ESPN, there is a segment called, C’mon Man!

            C’mon man! Really! That is your response? You are taking what I said to mean that I am blaming you for their inabality to navigate the internet era?

            Couple of questions:

            1. Is it possible that they are not commenting for a reason?
            2. I won’t blame you for that but can I blame you for any comments you make that are unloving towards Murphy or AMiA?

          2. I mentioned the accounts from their circles which I think are very flawed. You asked for the sources I meant and I told you. You mentioned unequal reporting. If you think it’s unequal, fine. They are an organization with a donor base and an email list, a large website of longstanding and the same access to the internet as anyone else. I am a guy with a blog. On your questions:
            1. Yes, the reason being that they were / are negotiating with ACNA.
            2. Your second question presumes a definition of “love” that seems to rule out criticism or sarcasm. I’d suggest you go back and read Calvin, Luther or Cranmer and see what you think of their communication. Our modern era is full of pietism and moralism about how we have to be “nice” all the time. Calvin did things like call his opponents “mad dogs.” I’m not going to claim to be anything but a sinner, but discussions of sin need to deal in specifics, not generalities.

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