AMiA Winter Conference Day 1 – Revealing the New Thing

Update: David Virtue’s story says that Archbishop Chung said: “You have uprooted the old ways of doing church; you have torn down many temples where you used to worship the false gods of our modern world. You have destroyed many egoistic, self proclaimed and self seeking so called leaders who led you to the slaughter house. You have overthrown the devil from taking the heavenly throne.” His reference to the devil was not in reference to Rwanda.

This morning in Houston, Bishops Murphy and Kolini presented for about an hour and took a couple hours of questions. The message from these men is that efforts at reconciliation are ongoing, but that the way forward remains unclear. How this matches up with the message tonight from Archbishop Yong Ping Chung is hard to see.

According to tweets from tonight’s meeting, Yong’s remarks included:

God is asking the AM to enlarge their tents for global mission. Hard work is ahead. (The AMiA) needs to go rescue those in darkness.

So there is to be no turning back from the global mission society concept. What it will be tethered to is totally unclear right now. Yong announced a change in the AMiA’s reach:

Go global! The 130,000,000 unreached becomes the 6 billion.

David Roseberry said that Yong blamed the Internet and the devil for the damage to theAM.

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  1. Joel,

    Thanks for informing us. The AMiA news is not getting out to those of us unable to be in Houston. You are our only channel.

    So, the schismatics continue with their subterfuge. Makes my inconsequential (to Murphy et al) li’l ol’ presbyter’s heart very, very sad AND angry that, through no fault of my own, I’m on the outside of the Anglican Communion for the first time in 37 years. At least Rwanda knows I’m still canonically resident with them!

    How can Bp. Murphy and his blithering hirelings sleep at night?

    Notice the one picture available from 2012 Winter Conference shows that attendees’ numbers are significantly lower than previous years. Were these bishops prayerfully thinking when they made this dumba** move?

    Waiting to hear from Thad Barnum++ about moving on with PEAR…

    Kyrie eleison!!!

    1. oh please…give it a break….you are just guilty of plain gossip…you do not have the facts…you speculate…you guess…but unless you were at all the meetings with the leadership of the AMiA and Reanda…you know nothing but what you do gossip

    2. Virtue does have a couple stories up today that shed a tiny bit of light. Granted, I take his stories with a grain of salt.

  2. Let us mark how, in these days of ours, he works, and tempts, and rages: –

    He comes as an angel of light, to mislead, yet pretending to lead; to blind, yet professing to open the eye; to obscure and bewilder, yet professing to illuminate and guide. He approaches us with fair words upon his lips: liberality, progress, culture, freedom, expansion, elevation, science, literature, benevolence, – nay, and religion too. He seeks to make his own out of all of these; to give the world as much of these as suits his purpose, as much as will make them content without God, and without Christ, and without the Holy Ghost…

    He sets himself against God and the things of God in every way. He can deny the gospel; or he can dilute the gospel; or he can obscure the gospel; or he can neutralize the gospel; – just as suits his purpose, or the persons with whom he has to do. His object in regard to the gospel is to take out of it all that makes it glad tidings to the sinner; and oftentimes this modified or mutilated gospel, which looks so like the real, serves his end best; for it throws men off their guard, making them suppose that they have received Christ’s gospel, even though they have not found in it the good news which it contains.

    He rages against the true God, – sometimes openly and coarsely, at other times calmly and politely, – making men believe that he is the friend of truth, but an enemy to its perversion. Progress, progress, progress, is his watchword now, by means of which he hopes to allure men away from the old anchorages, under the pretext of giving them wider, fuller, more genial teachings. He bids them soar above creeds, catechisms, dogmas, as the dregs of an inferior age, and a lower mental status. He distinguishes, too, between theology and religion, warmly advocating the latter in order to induce men to abandon the former. He rages against the divine accuracy of the Bible, and cunningly subverts its inspiration by elevating every true poet and philosopher to the same inspired position. So successfully has he wrought in disintegrating and undermining the truth, that there is hardly a portion of it left firm. The ground underneath us is hollow; and the crust on which we tread ready to give way, and precipitate us into the abyss of unbelief.

    -Horatius Bonar, God’s Morning: or, Thoughts on Genesis (London: Nisbet, 1875), pp. 365-6
    As quoted in Evangelicalism Divided: A Record of Crucial Change in the Years 1950 to 2000, by Ian H. Murray, Banner of Truth Publishers, pp. 323-4

  3. So Patti….are you saying not having 100% knowledge of a subject correlates to knowing nothing?

    “Any formal attack on ignorance is bound to fail because the masses are always ready to defend their most precious possession – their ignorance.”
    ― Hendrik Willem Van Loon

    1. I am just saying that if you don’t know all the facts how do you be truthful…you can speculate…but if it is mean spirited or not godly then what are you accomplishing. God says the greatest of the commandments is love thy neighbor…all I am saying is you and others have been doing nothing but gossiping…I am not a theologian…I am not a priest or a deacon …I am a child of God my Father…a daughter of a King…and if you all can spout off then I can give have my say as well…but it is not gossip it is what Christ says. I love you dear brother I just think all the bloggers have gone over the top…I believe that God is in charge of the paths taken and that HE works all things for good. He is my KING and I am obedient to HIM and to HIM alone….I just know that Christ is grieving because this has turn so ugly by words of you and others and so give it a break. This is all you will hear from me….I have read everything from Anglican Ink…etc….and my feeling is the same….unless the whole truth is known and that can only be know by those who are present in the meetings and by GOD.

      I am sure you will have something to say

  4. Did Murphy announce a new Province with which AM will now be identified? Has he said anything about the meeting in Nairobi?

    1. I haven’t heard audio so I am relying on others to tell me. Due to that, I can’t say definitively, but I don’t think he has done either of those things.

  5. Well, folks, I WAS there. Do read David Virtue’s article. It is fair, and complete and even-handed. The conclusions drawn above are Joel Martin’s not David Virtue’s.

    The comment about how it is to be tethered is “totally unclear” is factually inaccurate. A forthright statement was made that discussions are actively in progress with the AMiA/ACNA.

    Doesn’t answer all the questions, of course, but stick to David Virtue for more news.

    Further it was plainly announced that a communique from the conference, and the feedback sessions participated in by all who are here, will be forth coming at the end of the conference.

    And yes, there was a clear discussion of Nairobi: conversations and the work of personal reconciliation was begun and will continue. There will not be any return to Rwanda, as I understand it, however.

    Perhaps best to save a “rush to judgement” at least until Saturday evening.

    Seek Peace,


    1. Thanks for your perspective Henry.
      Let me point out that “discussions” do not equal being attached to a province. The last time that the AM characterized their status regarding ACNA in their “London Communique”, Archbishop Duncan promptly refuted most of what they said.

  6. From someone who is having a hard time understanding what is going on based on all the stories and hate comments that I read – why does it seem that there are SOME (note I didn’t say ALL) ACNA folks who seem more focused and energized in bringing down and putting down Murphy and the others than praying for, lifting up, and moving forward in reaching their neighborhoods, communities, and cities for Christ? It seems like a lot of smoke over something that at this point doesn’t really affect them – but again, I am new to Anglicanism.

    1. Can you be more specific? What is “bringing down” or “putting down” Murphy and who in ACNA is involved in it?

      1. Come on Joel – really? What is putting him down? Comments made by you, Matt Kennedy and others have been as far away from brotherly love as anything I can imagine. Accusing him of schism, rebellion, calling him a leadership hungry tyrant (summary not direct quote).

        Sorry, I thought Matt Kennedy was in ACNA – am I wrong?

        1. OK, a few points:
          1. Yes, Matt is in ACNA.
          2. Speaking the truth is not always pleasant and Mr. Rogers neighborhood nice. Elijah used mockery for example (I Kings 18). See:

          3. Murphy fled church discipline and split his denomination, what would you call that? He also refused the admonition of the PEAR bishops to stop.
          4. I have never called him a tyrant that I am aware of.

          What I have done is called him out repeatedly for perpetuating Episcopal theology regarding women’s ordination. I have also pointed out that he and Kevin Donlon foisted canon law on Rwanda that is clearly at odds with our Anglican doctrinal norms. There has been no explanation for this stuff from them, just language about the mean old internet.

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