AMiA Winter Conference

Tomorrow the AMiA Winter Conference begins. What should we expect from this conference? It’s not entirely clear, but Rev. Ellis Brust provides us with some clues here:

Winter Conference provides an amazing opportunity to meet with others in ministry for prayer, praise, fellowship and to dream dreams for the future.
I believe Winter Conference is a mission launch-pad into the rest of the year for attendees. Having received powerful messages and practical applications from the plenary addresses and workshop leaders, the individual is “sent out” to put vision into action. The opportunity to dream with other innovative leaders is only fully realized when those dreams are then acted upon – when vision turns to action. This gathering of people serves as a sending platform for us to be the church dispersed.

Judging from the language of Rev. Brust, the conference will focus on dreams, powerful messages and vision from “innovative leaders.” All of this suggests change.

2 thoughts on “AMiA Winter Conference”

  1. Sure. Tell me another one. Hey, do y’all have a bridge y’all might be selling? I may be interested. NOT!

    My dream had been to be in AMiA as part of a global mission. Bp. Murphy et al possess a separated provincial mission mindset, having jettisoned our relationship with PEAR for supposed independence. Feh.

    Innovative leaders eh? So, cutting and running from PEAR oversight like cowards is innovative??? Count me out. Jesus’ desire is that His church, the church HE is building, be one – NOT SEPARATED into personal fiefdoms. Count me out again. I am NOT a congregationalist!!!!!

    To all wishing to stay with the Murphy-led AMiA: If you remain with the Murphyites, you are acting contrary to the will of God.

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