Ryle on True Churchmanship

The venerable Ryle said something that is as true in our day as it was in his:

I have learned in the last thirty-two years that if a clergyman leads a quiet life, lets alone the unconverted part of the world, and preaches so as to offend none and edify none, he will be called by many ‘a good Churchman’. And I have also learned that if a man studies the Articles and Homilies, labors continually for the conversion of souls, adheres closely to the great principles of the Reformation, bears a faithful testimony against Popery, and preaches as Jewell and Latimer used to preach, he will probably be called a firebrand and ‘troubler in Israel,’ and called no Churchman at all! But I can see plainly that they are not the best Churchmen who talk most loudly about Churchmanship.

Ryle, Warnings to the Churches, p.111-2 as quoted in “Evangelicalism Divided: A Record of Crucial Change in the Years 1950 to 2000” by Ian H. Murray, p. 171-2.

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