Update on ACNA’s Theological Lens

Robin Jordan has found the ACNA’s “Theological Lens” document, hiding in plain sight on the ACNA website. An initial look at the document cannot be positive for Reformed Anglicans. Unless there is a course correction, we may receive another Prayer Book that moves us further away from the Anglican Reformation. I suggest that ACNA put up any proposed BCP for a long period of intense review by several parties.

Jordan’s first article on the Lens is here.

4 thoughts on “Update on ACNA’s Theological Lens”

  1. “The 1928 Prayer Book—presumably a reference to the 1928 American Prayer Book and not the 1928 Proposed English Prayer Book—has also never been an Anglican doctrinal and worship standard.”

    Demonstrably incorrect. The American BCP 1928 was adopted by the General Convention of The Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America. Up until 1979, it was the standard for worship in that church.

    1. Good stuff Pat. I’ll try to interact with it more later, I’m fairly busy right now. One quick point is that I think Dix has been fairly discredited over time. Overall though, I need to dig into your review and the “Lens” a bit more.

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