Rwandan Report on AMiA

Note this overlooked report from the Rwandan website The Chronicles, back on December 16th. It adds a little bit of information to the story:

Trusted sources have told The Chronicles that during the time of Archbishop Kolini, Bishop Murphy had managed to amass powers to the point that there are decisions he took without informing the superior organ in Kigali. But even with that state of affairs, Archbishop Kolini preferred to either ignore or look away for the sake of maintaining good relationship with Murphy.

Kolini and Rucyahana are said to have enjoyed very warm relations with the Americans – which perhaps explains the many projects that sprung up when they were still in active service. Now under Archbishop Rwaje, Kigali has been trying to reign in on Murphy, which is probably why in writing; he demanded that he submits to Kigali’s authority immediately.  The Chronicles’ efforts to talk to retired Archbishop Kolini were fruitless as his phone was on voice recorder.

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      1. I am the lecturer in church history and theology at Nazareth Evangelical Theological Seminary and my family and I are members at Christ Church (Anglican), which is the only Anglican church of any sort here in this small city.

          1. Ha! Indeed, but I have yet to learn Hebrew from a Jewish shepherd, nor have I ever felt that my connection to my personal library was sinful, and I do bathe more than once a year 😉 I have been to his tomb in Bethlehem though.

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