Open and Shameless Lying

From the Writings of the Rev. Dr. Thomas Cranmer

Bonner, and Thirlby, bishop of Ely, who had formerly been much favoured by Cranmer, arrived at Oxford on the 14th of February, 1556, with full authority to deprive and condemn the venerable primate. The remainder of this narrative will be given chiefly in the words of Fox. While the pope’s commission was in reading, the archbishop said, “What lies are these, that I, being continually in prison, and never suffered to have counsel or advocate at home, should produce, witness, and appoint my counsel at Rome? God must needs punish this open and shameless lying.” They read on the commission which came from the pope, with fulness of power to supply all manner of defects in law or process, and giving them full authority to proceed to the deprivation and degradation of him, and so upon excommunication to deliver him up to the secular power, no appeal being allowed.

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