7 thoughts on “Bucer and the Anglican Church”

  1. Certainly Martin Bucer was a profound Christian in his time. And he was more pastoral in his theology for his time. And perhaps his greatest work, was his work on the revision of the English Prayer Book. A true ecumenical Christian, in the best sense!

    Btw, his position of marriage as more a social union rather than a sacramental one, was ahead of its time. However I am not sure it was the most biblical? But certainly it is the most accepted in todays so-called modern culture. My own opinion is that this was the central idea of most of his theology, i.e. ecumenism. And this has always been the centre of Anglicanism. But with this also comes some aspect of the problematic, of not always being settled, especially in theological places. And this has been an issue in Anglicanism certainly.

      1. That is true with Cranmer, etc., but it is interesting that Melancthon saw the pope to be the bishop of Rome, still. And we should note that although Bucer said he saw nothing wrong with The Schmakald Articles, ‘he did not have a mandate to sign them’, and sign them he did not. Hopefully today we can see Catholicism beyond the 16th century!

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