Mormons and Tongues 3

I wrote a couple posts on this subject two years ago. I just came across another account of the same phenomenon in the book Joseph Smith, Rough Stone Rolling by Richard Bushman:

A spiritual outburst on January 22, 1833, foreshadowed what lay ahead for the School of Prophets. A conference was suddenly visited with the gift of tongues. Joseph spoke in another tongue, followed by Zebedee Coltrin and William Smith, and finally all the elders, along with “several of the members of the Church both male & female.” “Much speaking & praying all in tongues” occupied the conference before adjournment “at a late hour.” The next day, the men came together again and started “speaking praying and singing, all done in Tongues.” Lucy Smith remembered hearing of the spiritual outpouring while she was baking bread. She dropped her work and rushed to join the meeting.

Joseph loved these times when the Spirit enveloped the Saints in “long absent blessings,” proof that New Testament religion had returned.

I wonder if modern, mainstream Mormons still practice tongues at all? It ought to give Pentecostals pause.


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  1. Glossai or Tongues, is certainly not without a pagan element in history and pagan worship. So Tongues in and of itself means little by itself. Perhaps the issue of tongues at Corinth came from pagan influence? at least somewhat, for without knowledge, prophecy, and teaching, it meant very little. So its life and use in Momanism also means little in the biblical sense.

  2. The gift of tongues still exists and is usually experienced by missionaries serving in countries where there is a language barrier. God generally uses the gift so that people can communicate. A good example of this gift is on the day of pentecost in the book of Acts where each person heard the word in his own tongue.

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