Meanwhile, back at Sovereign Grace…

C.J. goes on the warpath:

I think the days ahead are going to require more discernment as it relates to the identification of slander and the influence of slander in our churches. I think the days ahead are going to require courage on the part of pastors and when necessary publicly identify those who are divisive.  I think the days ahead are not only going to require, I think they are going to require courage. I think in some ways in SG we have more humility than courage. And we are going to need more courage. Humble courage. It doesn’t mean we don’t learn from critique, we do. But there is a difference between learning from critique and allowing critics to define you. We are [not?] capitulating to slander in the name of humility.


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  1. It is good to see what Mahaney said transcribed and posted for all to see. It is clear that Mahaney never really took a leave of absence. Mahaney remained in control. It will be interesting to see what some of their local churches do. Will they stand for this or will they demand change and leave SGM if necessary?

    What a shame what some of these other leaders did to Mahaney to enable him vs. help him see his sin. It is sad that the SGM Board and the outside group of 3 men deemed Mahaney qualified despite some egregious sin including Mahaney blackmailing Tomczak.

    It will be interesting to see what happens.

  2. Yes, it is a sad display or arrogance passing as humility. And the shaved head clones will step into line and rejoice that the leader is back. Those who might lose jobs, status or money are hesitant to criticize leaders like him.

    I guess blackmailing someone doesn’t disqualify you from church office. I can’t listen to a single thing from that man and take it seriously any more.

  3. It is hard to believe Mahaney had the nerve to write a book on humility seeing how little Mahaney has ever practiced it. Mahaney has confused someone knowing what to do with someone who actually practices something. It is kind of like the old statement that those who can’t teach. Mahaney can’t be humble so he decided to teach it.

    What is really sad is that there were a number of people both inside and outside of Sovereign Grace Ministries that enabled Mahaney to continue to not see his sin and helped enable him to live in this deception vs. seeing and repenting of his sin. This includes the current SGM Board as well as the 3 outside leaders that determined Mahaney was still qualified.

  4. Well, in his own mind he may have been very humble. Not to mention all the sycophants around him always praising him as “the most humble” this or that.

    You correctly identify the enabling. Because SGM’s polity is flawed and because those who become pastors are those who buy into the cult of personality, there is no opportunity for legitimate correction. It is a miracle that Detwiler’s eyes were opened. I would advise anyone inside an SGM church to leave and find another church.

  5. True about all the “sycophants” around Mahaney.

    Did you see on Carolyn Mahaney’s blog (Girl Talk) she is categorizing all that she and her husband are going through as “slander?” Carolyn isn’t admitting that most of what they are going through is the result of her husband’s sin.

    You know why Carolyn sees it this way. Her husband C.J. isn’t admitting (and probably not seeing) that any of what he is experiencing is a result of his sin. Just so sad.

    Hopefully at least some of the SGM Pastors won’t stand for this glaring hypocrisy but I have my doubts. It will be shocking if a number can’t see through CJ Mahaney and see his hypocrisy.

    I do hear that the group’s “flagship church” Covenant Life Church may or is considering leaving SGM. If they do, perhaps others will follow.

  6. If you look at Carolyn Mahaney’s Girl Talk Blog a few of her posts are:

    “To begin with, this meant I needed to spend less time reading, following, and focusing on the constant stream of slander against us. The more I read or listened to, and the more I thought about what I had read and heard, the more difficult it was to guard my heart, the more difficult it was to cultivate a heart of compassion and love. So I had to make a conscious choice to stop reading, stop paying attention to the words and actions against us.”


    “When this trial dropped like a bomb on our lives this past summer, it was shocking, painful, and disorienting. Slander and false accusations flew at us from all sides, shrapnel raining down on our entire family. I struggled to get my bearings in a haze of questions and grief. I rushed for cover in the Psalms. I guarded my soul with sermons and hymns. And I sought God for a path forward through this trial that would bring glory to my Savior.”

    No where does Carolyn Mahaney mention that what they are going through is a result of Mahaney’s sin. I also don’t see Carolyn expressing any empathy for other families that CJ Mahaney put through something similar like what Mahaney did to Larry Tomczak.

  7. If you thought it was bad what Mahaney said you should see what Mickey Connolly is trying to do to Brent Detwiler. Mickey is trying to label Brent as “divisive.”

    It just gets deeper.

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