Bishop Murphy and the Rwandan House of Bishops

Unlike the fellows at Anglican TV, I am not a journalist. I do not have multiple sources and fact checks for the account below. Take it with a grain of salt and know that it could be wrong, misleading, or third hand and inaccurate information. Someone left it as a comment on my earlier post called “AMiA: the Plot Thickens.” It has at least the ring of truth to it, in that it recounts details that your average outsider would not know. So here is an edited version of the comment:

I can’t say how I know, but I can tell you that Bishop Murphy as downright disingenuous in his description of the June HOB [House of Bishops] in Rwanda. The entire house of Bishops objected to his bringing along Kevin Donlon and H Miller to [the] HOB meeting. They did not want to be lectured to, they wanted answers which the good Bishop and the former Abp. [editor – I believe he means Kolini] refused to give relating to a simple transparent accounting of monies supposedly given to Rwanda. No one, to this day, knows where more than 1 million dollars went over the course of 4 years. No one even knows what or whose bank account this money went to!
When the Bishops saw that they were not ever going to get an answer then they simply asked for proper procedures to be followed in the future. They also stated that the house of bishops would no longer be a rubber stamp for the Abp. when it came to the oversight of missionary districts, bishops, etc. At this Bishop Murphy stormed out of the meeting refusing to even take lunch with the Bishops.
Bishop Murphy is also attempting to deceive everyone with his talk, through Miss Brust, about ‘ongoing talks with Rwandan leadership’. He is only talking to Kolini and Rwaje. Bishop John [editor – I think he means Bishop John Rucyahana] wrote to Chuck Murphy begging him not to take this step. I know for a fact that none of the Bishops of Rwanda knew anything about this ‘new arrangement’. But, they all did know Chuck Murphy well enough to suspect that if they asked for financial transparency and proper oversight that the Bishop of Pawley’s Island would take his marbles and go home. The unknown is which circle he would go to to play marbles in next. Everyone knew he would not go to the ACNA. Now it seems he has co-opted the missionary vision of a good man and is twisting it to his own agenda. Isn’t it time for some AMiA people to suggest that Chuck retire and ask for a ‘real’ meeting with the Rwanda HOB?

[end of comment]

So there you have it. Perhaps a glimpse behind the curtain of what is really going on at Pawley’s. Perhaps it is worth noting here the charge to new Bishops from the 1928 BCP:

…be, to such as believe, a wholesome example in word, in conversation, in love, in faith, in chastity, and in purity;”

I hope that nothing is amiss with the finances, as nothing will more quickly bring the aspersion of the world and the discouragement of the Church than for there to be financial scandal in the Church.

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