The Week Ahead for AMiA

What does the new week hold in store for theAM? Among other things:

1. The Bishops are having a “retreat” in Pawley’s Island. Never has the word retreat been more apropos.

2. Kevin Donlon circulates his “Factual Theological and Canonical Critique of Is the AMiA’s New Missionary Society Structure the Best Way Forward?” One wishes that Donlon would invest his time and affection for Catholic theology in convincing Bishop Murphy that women’s ordination is neither ancient or Catholic.

3. A new episode of AnglicanTV is due. I imagine they will have a lot to discuss!

2 thoughts on “The Week Ahead for AMiA”

  1. This has absolutely nothing to do with Women’s Ordination, and to suggest such is to really misunderstand the situation. If you are someone in the pews, you really need to be weary of your supposed knowledge.

  2. If by “this” you mean Bishop Murphy’s proposal, well, then we have the Washington Statement:

    “The new structure will permit the ordination of women to the priesthood but not require it. AMiA clergy will opt for either the Normative Rite (male presbyters) or the Provisional Rite (male and female presbyters) according to preference.”

    We also have the continual, creeping advance of this unorthodox practice in the ordination of Todd Hunter and of Cindy Brust, who is in the very heart of Pawley’s! As Hunter said:

    “It’s not about ordaining a particular gender or an issue of social justice for me – ordination is not a ‘right’ for anyone. While I recognize and celebrate the differences between genders, I want to raise up human beings gifted and called to Kingdom ministry…I guess you can say I’m an egalitarian of the complementary sort.”

    But I would agree that “this” event at Pawley’s has more to do with accountability and truth telling, not WO per se. And yes, my knowledge does make me “weary!”

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