Ninth Commandment Issues at Pawley’s Island

The new episode of AnglicanTV is out here. The guys do a great job of calmly and dispassionately having a conversation about how their story came about last week and how news functions. In the course of the episode, George Conger discusses contacting the AMiA’s press officer (Cindy Brust) about the discord at Pawleys, and he says that here response to him was something like:

There was no meeting whatsoever, perhaps I (Conger) had heard about a meeting in Little Rock about pastoral issues. There was no friction or break or rift or anything like that with Rwanda.

This accords well with the heated press release that AMiA issued last week. Once again, it looks like the AMiA is not trustworthy when it comes to these matters. If they claimed that there was NO meeting except something unrelated in Little Rock, they were not telling the truth.

Further, Bishop Murphy clearly stated that one reason for moving away from ACNA last year was that “the Mission is embedded in the Constitution and Canons of the Province of Rwanda.” This claim is now disputed by the Washington Statement. It should be a simple matter for AMiA to clear this up: have they, or have they not made a petition to the House of Bishops in Rwanda to become a Missionary Province of Rwanda? Has Bishop Murphy lied, or is there some other explanation? At this point the silence is deafening. Assertion requires evidence. For Rev. Cindy to assert things about AnglicanTV, she should provide some evidence, proving to us that there was no meeting at Pawley’s attended by AMiA clergy where a presentation was made. Bishop Murphy should provide some evidence about the canonical status of AMiA within Rwanda…and the 10/10/10 financial records from the past several years.




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