AMiA: the Plot Thickens

Today, the Director of Communications for the AMiA, the Reverend Cynthia Brust, saw fit to put together a press release expressing outrage over yesterday’s Anglican TV episode that mentioned the internal turmoil of the organization. As organizations in this situation usually do, the statement questions the motives of the reporters and the sources of their information. It sort of reminds you of Herman Cain, attacking Rick Perry and the media for his problems.

Unfortunately for Reverend Brust, three clergy from AMiA churches who were at the meetings in question issued an article that seems to validate everything Anglican TV reported. So now rather than throwing around phrases like “unnamed sources that can only be considered as propagating unfounded rumors”, theAM will have to deal with what is actually going on, rather than who said what to whom and why did they say it?

Knuckleheads like me are left to wonder what prompted this faux outrage from Pawley’s Island? Could it be that they didn’t want any of their plans leaked until the concrete was poured and the new structure was a fait accompli?

Rev. Brust says that “Anglican Mission leadership has been considering a proposal centering on formalizing a missionary society, discussing this proposal widely in an ordered and sequential way.” If this is the case, then the folks at Pawley’s shouldn’t be unhappy with the “proposal” being discussed a bit more widely, although not in perhaps as orderly a fashion as they had hoped for.

5 thoughts on “AMiA: the Plot Thickens”

  1. sounds like more of the tec-pb’s work to me! she does not like all the new churches AMIA are bringing together!

  2. I think she would be very happy with the increasing pace of women’s ordination in AMiA – it’s the same road that led TEC to homosexual clergy.

  3. I know for a fact that TG (which subsequently means all of those DC guys) discussed leaving AMIA for ACNA last year… this is just an outward sign of something they’ve been discussing for a while. The real question is whether or not this was leaked, or if they put this out there themselves.

  4. Cynthia spent time working for a congressman in Washington. Seems she has learned the art of ‘spin’ very well. I can’t say how I know, but I can tell you that Bishop Murphy as downright disingenuous in his description of the June HOB in Rwanda. The entire house of Bishops objected to his bringing along Kevin Donlon and H Miller to HOB meeting. They did not want to be lectured to, they wanted answers which the good Bishop and the former Abp. refused to give relating to a simple transparent accounting of monies supposedly given to Rwanda. No one, to this day, knows where more than 1 million dollars went over the course of 4 years. No one even knows what or whose bank account this money went to!
    When the Bishops saw that they were not ever going to get an answer then they simply asked for proper procedures to be followed in the future. They also stated that the house of bishops would no longer be a rubber stamp for the Abp. when it came to the oversight of missionary districts, bishops, etc. At this Bishop Murphy stormed out of the meeting refusing to even take lunch with the Bishops.
    Bishop Murphy is also attempting to deceive everyone with his talk, through Miss Brust, about ‘ongoing talks with Rwandan leadership’. He is only talking to Kolini and Rwaje. Bishop John wrote to Chuck Murphy begging him not to take this step. I know for a fact that none of the Bishops of Rwanda knew anything about this ‘new arrangement’. But, they all did know Chuck Murphy well enough to suspect that if they asked for financial transparency and proper oversight that the Bishop of Pawley’s Island would take his marbles and go home. The unknown is which circle he would go to to play marbles in next. Everyone knew he would not go to the ACNA. Now it seems he has co-opted the missionary vision of a good man and is twisting it to his own agenda. Isn’t it time for some AMiA people to suggest that Chuck retire and ask for a ‘real’ meeting with the Rwanda HOB?
    That’s enough for now. You may contact me at theophorus111@gmail if you have questions. – Theo

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