The Dismal GOP Field

Rick Perry seems to be giving speeches drunk:


Newt Gingrich is a serial adulterer. And then there is Herman Cain. Talk show hosts have been rushing to defend him as the victim of a vicious leftist smear. But how can they possibly know this when they don’t know the facts of the cases? More and more people are coming forward to voice their discomfort with Cain’s behavior in the past, shouldn’t we stop voicing opinions until we actually know some facts?

Of course the left doesn’t want a black Republican to succeed, but that doesn’t mean that this is some set of baseless charges. You have at least two women who had strong enough cases that they had to be settled with. This doesn’t mean that their charges had merit necessarily, but it suggests that they may have. Frankly, someone with charges like that against him in his past – be they true or false – should know better than to run for a national office. And Christians of all people should know that our hearts are desperately wicked and deceptive. All of us can hide sin and act in different ways around different people, it’s called original sin.

None of this is to say that Cain is guilty as charged, but it increasingly looks that way. Although I agree in most areas with Ron Paul, he doesn’t have leadership capabilities and would be hard pressed to come up with a cabinet that agrees with him. So, I do think we will end up defaulting to Romney as the most competent, sane and sober candidate without skeletons in his closet. In some ways, this bothers me. In other ways, it is a good thing that we vet these people before they take over. Just think if this stuff about Cain didn’t come out until he had the nomination locked up – now that would be a leftist coup giving us another Thomas Eagleton.

Ultimately, national politics is a lost cause and we are all watching the ship sink at a faster or slower pace. My long term thinking is that the central government will someday collapse under the burden of unsustainable fiscal commitments and the country will have to reconfigure itself into regions that perhaps become new nations. I shouldn’t care about the GOP nominating process because in the end it is futile, but I can’t help marveling at the train wreck it has become this year.

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