AMiA Fracturing

Well, that didn’t take long. I have been reading the tea leaves about the trajectory of AMiA for a few years now, most recently with the last issue of Wave. Now, Anglican Unscripted reports that AMiA is cracking up over women’s ordination and Bishop Murphy’s apparent desire to rule as he sees fit. The video is below:


Essentially, the report says that there is some discord between the Church of Rwanda and AMiA, and that they are coming to terms of separation. Bishop Murphy wants to support women’s ordination (surprise, surprise) and appoint his own bishops without Rwanda being able to nix his appointments. The AMiA will pull out from Rwandan oversight and is seeking another Primate from another Global South church or Archbishop Kolini or some other option.

The video asks if AMiA all of the sudden doesn’t have an Archbishop sponsoring them what happens to them? They speculate that Chuck Murphy will keep some of them together and maybe they will come under ACNA. They also report discord among the bishops of AMiA. Some orthodox bishops want to leave AMiA and head to ACNA to maintain no women’s ordination.

So, Bishop Murphy can’t seem to stand oversight. If he wants women’s ordination so much, why doesn’t he simply merge into ACNA as it is? Well, that would mean breaking up the fiefdom right? And shame on Archbishop Kolini for supporting such nonsense. I confess I thought that women’s ordination wouldn’t mess up ACNA for another ten years or so, but it appears to be happening already. There is now a crying need for a diocese or two within ACNA that is totally opposed to women’s ordination. Anything less will produce further splits and the end of ACNA.

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  1. “There is now a crying need for a diocese or two within ACNA that is totally opposed to women’s ordination. Anything less will produce further splits and the end of ACNA.”

    There is at least one that I am aware of……. the FIF sponsored diocese….the Missionary Diocese of All Saints.

  2. Thank you Father. I should have been more explicit and said an “evangelical” diocese. That’s why I think there may be a need for two. Many folks who have Reformed persuasions and are anti WO may be uncomfortable in an Anglo-Catholic diocese.

  3. Well, I can say this for my own diocese…….San Joaquin: We don’t ordain women to the priesthood (deacons only), and that won’t change, according to our new bishop, Eric Menees.

  4. The REC, which is part of ACNA, also does not ordain women and does not plan to. There are several REC dioceses covering the USA.

  5. Just goes to show I was right when I said years ago
    that no ex-ECUSA bishop or priest should be appointed bishop in the emerging Anglican Provinces

    The ex-ECUSA bishops’ sense of entitlement is exactly the same as that of Shori and Spong and Bennison and all their gay mates!

    If only this had been done right from the start: if AMiA and ACNA had begged Akinola to send over humble, honest, Christian Bishops from the Global South to lead in the US, and demanded loyalty and fealty from the ex-ECUSA priests (including bishops who were willing to relinquish their ordination as a bishop and function only as priests).

    But no, they thought that being in ECUSA damned only those who supported Gays – they didn’t realise they had been tainted as well!

    I guess Mark Lawrence is that current headline example of that sense of entitlement and massive denial that he is still a Christian even though he is in ECUSA.

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