Back in the 80’s

Some things I remember from the 80’s:

No one had goatees. No one. It was radical back then. Now, every middle aged guy on earth has one.

There were no coffee shops. None. No Starbucks here and Caribou there. Just Folger’s and Sanka. In the store.

5 thoughts on “Back in the 80’s”

  1. I’m not saying that people didn’t drink coffee, just that there weren’t dedicated coffee shops in the USA much before Starbucks in the early 90’s.

    1. There have actually been coffee shops in both the USA and somewhat the UK, for years. Of course coffee then was just that, coffee, black or with cream and sugar, etc. I have been going back and forth from the UK to the US since the 80’s. My little brother was an American Marine in the 80’s. He is a US citizen now. But yes, the whole coffee mocha type thing came with Starbucks, etc. Funny, I always just drink my coffee..Colombia black.

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