Sailhamer on Eve

John Sailhamer argues that Eve’s first post-Fall words may be taken in a less than favorable way. Traditionally, they are translated:

With the help of the Lord I have brought forth a man.

Which sounds positive. Sailhamer says, “But her words can also be read in a less positive light:

I have created a man equally with the Lord.

Sailhamer says:

In this sense, Eve’s words are a boast that just as theLord had created a man, so now she also had created a man.

The immediate context offers little help to decide between two such diverse readings of the passage. Two considerations, however, suggest that the latter interpretation is more likely. First, throughout the narratives of Genesis, a recurring theme is that of the attempt and failure of human effort in obtaining a blessing that only God can give. God continually promised a person a blessing, and that person pushed it aside in favor of his or her own attempts at the blessing.

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