The Local Church is the Best…until it Disciplines Me!

So after all these years of sermons, books and conferences on loving the local church, Pastor Mahaney and his son in law pastors up and leave their local church because things aren’t going the way they like. Wow! Can you say “congregationalism”? Things are fine until they don’t go my way at which point I go down the road where the pastor is my buddy. What kind of message does this send to Joe Pew Sitter?

This situation reminds me so much of a local church I was part of that collapsed that it isn’t funny. Incidentally, we were moving towards SGM at the time and heavily into the Peacemaker. None of it helped. My pastor fled and a couple weeks later was somewhere else where he was never made accountable. He made sweeping statements about being the chief of sinners and being guilty of all sin (rather than acknowledging specifics) and he is now back in the pulpit having never fixed the issues that caused him to resign. This seems to be the template that Mahaney is fitting into. Discipline becomes impossible, people are forced to choose sides and believe who they like while demonizing the other side. Pastors write over-emotional letters about how they are “forced” to resign due to Biblical violations, and so forth and so on.

Really, if you have been around the church block a few times, none of this is new. It just destroys the integrity of Mahaney et al. Who can listen to him and believe him about his “passion” for the local church after this? And yet, there will always be the gullible, willing to follow no matter what. Absurd.

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