Josh Harris Resigns

Events are in the saddle and the landscape is changing fast at Sovereign Grace Ministries. Josh Harris is now stepping down from the SGM board, per this announcement. It is probably a wise move by Harris, allowing him to disassociate himself from what is beginning to look like a circle the wagons mentality on the part of the SGM board. It also helps him be a pastor – his main duty – during a crisis for his denomination.

Again and again this points out to me that we need small parishes of 150-300 people, coupled with faithful pastors and a clear structure. The whole big shot, super-star, cult of personality model of ministry should be put to death.

2 thoughts on “Josh Harris Resigns”

  1. Yes, but Americans love it. And wait, what about the economies of scale?

    My unswallowable camel is the multi location church with the pastor on video streaming. If/when it comes to my church, I am out the door.

  2. Keep us posted. There is an unctuousness in Mr. Harvey’s comments that well, we’ll see. The entire board (the A-Team) needs to recuse themselves from further involvement with replacements at the top. In the Marine Corps, there would be a sweep. Or, as we often said, “It’s a leadership problem.” Indeed.

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