Josh Harris Response and New Documents

Two new documents have been uploaded to the Sribd SGM Wikileaks account. I looked at them briefly and they appear to be Detwiler’s final discussions with SGM prior to Mahaney’s temporary resignation.

As an outsider looking in, I found the sermon Josh Harris preached yesterday and the reports of his remarks last night to be encouraging. I see a man who is legitimately struggling with what is happening and how to respond Biblically. One response might be for Harris and all involved to resign, but that might leave their churches in total chaos and scatter the sheep, so that probably isn’t an option for him right now.

A cursory look at some of the other SGM churches and how they responded yesterday is not as encouraging. I found Mark Mullery’s “business as usual” tone to convey precisely the opposite of what Harris conveyed. I checked in on the Fredericksburg website and did not see or hear any mention of these events, though there may have been one outside of the sermon. Harris’ call for prayer and fasting might be something that should occur denomination-wide, as well as serious consultation with other denominations (notice that he used the dreaded “d” word), as to how to restructure SGM’s polity. Frankly, there are so many varying issues that I don’t know how they can all be digested and worked through. It might be best to disband and/or merge into another denomination with better governing structures. I think the example that Harris is providing should be emulated. He is to be commended for suggesting that members read the documents, admiting that “it is as bad as it seems” and mentioning the blogs. I was stunned by all this, and see it as evidence that he, for one, is listening to God’s Word. Hopefully, the other local pastors will take their lead from him and begin to search out where things are wrong and what needs to be done.

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  1. I have always been impressed by the Harris family as being people of character above all else. What could be better than a call to prayer and fasting?

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