Antithesis and Credenda

At the beginning of the 1990’s a magazine called Antithesis was published by Covenant Community Church of Orange County (OPC). It was only published for two years. The masthead included Douglas Jones as the Editor, with men like David Hagopian and Greg Bahnsen as Senior Editors. Bahnsen’s influence on the magazine was apparent as it featured presuppositional reasoning throughout its articles.Over the short period that it was in print, Douglas Wilson and Wesley Callihan from Moscow, ID, were added as Contributing Editors. The final issue was published in July/August of 1991. I am not sure how Wilson came to the attention of Jones at that early time.

Wilson started publishing Credenda/Agenda in 1989 with a series of short papers, which became the basis of the book “Easy Chairs, Hard Words.” By Volume 5, Number 1 of Credenda, Doug Jones was contributing to the magazine and was soon the Managing Editor. This was probably in about 1992-93. The format of Credenda then began to mirror what Antithesis had been to a large degree, with debates, cultural commentary and a Van Tillian emphasis. I would contend that Moscow thus inherited and reunified the streams of thought that had diverged in the 1980’s with the conflicts between Rushdoony, Bahnsen and the Jordan/North wing of theonomy. Moscow was influenced by all of those folks.

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  1. Thanks for making these connections, Joel. I’m interested to see what kind of influence Moscow will have. It seems like they are building the kinds of institutions that James Hunter talked about having a long term impact on the culture, and they’ve built them slowly and with attention to excellence and faithfulness rather than trying to make a big splash right away. This goes with their postmillenialism, I think, the leaven working slowly.

    I’ve noticed that the mainstream new Calvinists (Piper, Justin Taylor, etc.) will refer to Wilson and occasionally Leithart, and Wilson and Driscoll are doing a conference together, as you have seen. Its neat to see some Reformed catholicity in these ways.

    Did you ever go to Moscow when you lived in Idaho?

  2. I agree with your assessment Scott. I also think it is good to see them being referred to across the spectrum, it is a good cross-pollination.

    I never did visit Moscow. For a time I badly wanted to go to NSA, but there was no way to do it. We have friends who grew up there.

  3. My wife and I are hoping to go to northern Idaho in August to see her aunt. I would like to go to Moscow if we can. It seems like Christ Church has a monthly Psalm sing and after showing her a video of their choir singing she would like to go too.

  4. Yes, that Psalm sing looks great! They used to talk about building a cathedral, I wonder if they still intend to?

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