The Federal Souk

Tom Piatak writes something that I have been thinking for several years:

Forbeshas a list out this morning of America’s five richest counties. Unsurprisingly, four of the five are in the Washington, D.C., area. Washington’s prosperity is completely detached from the fortunes of the rest of the country, since Washington continues to suck in tax dollars even when other parts of America suffer or even decline economically. There is an unspoken bipartisan consensus to keep things this way, since those who make it to the Senate or the House now almost never return home, even if they are turned out of office by the voters. Instead, they stay in Washington and spend the rest of their lives as lobbyists.

The only sure sign of a reduction in the size and scope of the federal government will be an exodus out of the D.C. suburbs. I doubt, though, that we will ever see such a thing.

As a resident of Virginia, I can attest to the truth of this fact. The D.C. metro area is rich and gorges itself on the rest of the nation’s tax dollars, through both military and civilian expenditures. Our economy is far better than most of the rest of the nation. Our cost of living is also very high, it must be said, but still…

I don’t think people in other states realize how they are being ripped off to benefit this area, but voters are generally so apathetic that I guess it doesn’t matter. I would advocate moving the capitol to a new place, like the middle of Nebraska, but it would probably cost more in the long run than it would save.

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  1. I saw this piece online yesterday and it gave me time to think as well.

    Northern Virginia (aka “Suburbia Majora” in my ramblings) almost seems to lie in a “green zone” of sorts, insulated and away from the economic storms that las the rest of our Republic. One only need drive fifty to one hundred miles away in any direction, and then the reality sets in. This hit home especially on a trip to my hometown of Coatesville, PA some months ago. The city is like a rotting version of Beirut without the militias.

    I fear that we’ll see the halcyon dream of Suburbia Majora crash down into a dystopic nightmare without Divine intervention and repentance.

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