Abortion in Russia

I think that in the West, abortion may be curbed or come to an end not through religious pressure directly, but more through overt concern for the collapse of the population. Having children will become a civic duty again, rather than killing them. We are not at that point yet at our population continues to climb, but that point will come, perhaps by the end of my own life. In Russia however, that point has arrived. Witness this news story:

Russia’s influential Orthodox Church and members of its parliament are working together to push legislation that would restrict abortions. The legislation – promoted Monday by the head of the parliamentary committee on families, women and children – would ban free abortions at government-run clinics. Russia has one of the world’s lowest fertility rates, while the number of abortions is among the highest in the world.

This is of serious concern for Russia as it fights to stem a steep population decline. Committee leader Yelena Mizulina said she wants to see public debate on abortions before the legislation is submitted to parliament. Church spokesman Vsevolod Chaplin said the goal is to “live in a Russia without abortions.”

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  1. I read Walter Laqueur’s “The Last Days of Europe” last fall and he mentioned that projections of current trends would mean that in 200 years, the entire population of Russia would fit in the current city of Novosibirsk (or maybe it was Novgorod — and the entire Italian population would fit in Turin). He noted that Russian strategists were worried that if Siberia kept empyting out the way that it is, another country might be able to take it unopposed.

    It’s good that they’re seeing this in Russia and that the church is taking the lead. It will be interesting how a more secular western Europe might arrive at that kind of decision.

  2. Wow! That is amazing but unsurprising. I imagine that if trends don’t reverse, mass immigration will be required, or else robotic assistance will be required to maintain menial labor.

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