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For my Scripture reading last year I read Deuteronomy over and over. This year I am attempting to dig into the Wisdom books. I have been reminded that the road to Christian maturity is one of meditation on God’s Word, a constant approach and re-approach to the same texts, seeing them through the lens of Jesus and His Church.

I don’t have the discipline right now to follow a lectionary style of reading every day and I don’t want to launch out on another read the entire Bible project. So in these overly busy years I want to try and focus in on something that I can benefit from by repetition. I also want to feel some freedom about where I read, because I tend to feel very rigid about starting in one place and proceeding on until the end, not hopping around. I am trying to break away from the feeling that I should constantly be reading the lectionary or doing Genesis to Revelation on a cycle.

Part of the problem with my Scripture reading is that I find myself addicted to reading news and social media throughout the day every day. I need to drive a stake through those habits so that I can spend more time reading quality material and less on passing fancies. Lent might be a good time to try and change those habits.

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  1. Just a suggestion, brother.

    Read one book of the bible from beginning to end, at a single sitting if it’s short enough, and don’t stop and look at all the crossrefs and notes, just read the text itself, and pause only when drawn to prayer.

    About 6 years ago I realised how automatonically I was addicted to following the news on TV and just all at once put an end to all of it, and began to read the bible and the church fathers more and more. I read other things of interest too of course, but I severely and almost totally unhinged my door on the world and threw it away. My news became whatever met me, not what I pursued with avid curiosity. This has worked out for the best in my case.

    I realised that the news that comes my way demands action, most often prayer, but sometimes other acts.

  2. Joel, I feel your plaints about many reading plans. I have haltingly started on Grant Horner’s plan, reading 10 chapters a day. With five children at home, it’s hard to find the time. But I’m keeping at it.

    On the wisdom books, Horner has you reading Proverbs each month, Psalms over twice a year, and the remaining on a 2+ month cycle. So far, it’s been a wonderful experience, even though I’ve been at it off and on.

  3. Romanos, I simply don’t have time on most weekdays to read a book from start to finish in a sitting unless we are talking about some NT epistles. That said, I do agree with that method. I used to look everything up but recently tried to enjoy the experience of reading straight through more.

    Jeb – I have never heard of Grant Horner, but that sounds like a great plan. Best of luck with it!

  4. I can see this quickly got a lot of comments, and probably with good reason. I can’t say I’ve considered reading one book for a whole year. I am starting to think that might be a really good project.

  5. Rick, I think ideally it would be good to do that and then something else with it, if one has time. It certainly helped me to see things in the book that I would not have seen had I just read through it on my way elsewhere.

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