Mormons as Evangelical Dopplegangers

I’ve thought for some time that the LDS church is something of a mirror image of the evangelical movement. This video convinces me even more:


If evangelicals think that tearful testimonies about the love of God are monopolized by them, they had better think again. I think the Mormons have it pretty down pat now.

2 thoughts on “Mormons as Evangelical Dopplegangers”

  1. Hmm, that could be shown in almost any church with a video screen without missing a beat. It’s hard for me not to be moved by it even knowing what it is. A video like this should point to the shortcomings of our religious culture that values first and foremost “feeling” close to God. We have to know that in Christ we are objectively close to God no matter how we feel.

  2. Well said. They are moving in the same direction that our churches have moved in and are aping our cultural presentations.

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