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I was able to learn a little bit more of book binding a couple weeks ago. I folded many sheets of paper into sections. We had previously marked off where we wanted the holes to be punched in the sections. Using a guide, I then punched holes in the sections with an awl. After that , I prepared tapes and attached them to the paper. Then I sewed using a couple different methods through all of the sections. This was not easy and I required help every step of the way. I was getting better at sewing as I went along, but I could use a lot of practice. Here are some pictures of the completed text block:

You can get a good idea of where the holes are and how the sewing works from the next picture. All of this is done to strengthen the final product.

Here is a close-up of some of the sewing and the tapes.

2 thoughts on “Book Binding: Text Block”

  1. You learnt a very nice method of sewing. The chain link stitch between the sewing stations (tapes)makes for a very strongly sewn book.

    Now which direction will you go with regard the rest of the binding and its cover?

    Best wishes


  2. Thank you Mr. Norman. I looked at your website and it looks like you do very impressive work. It reminds me of what I have seen from Paul Tronson.

    Regarding the rest of the book, we have our endpapers completed already. I am not sure what kind of boards we are using for the cover. The gentleman who is teaching me is in charge of all that. We are using cheaper material as these are simply learning exercises for us. I’d like to get to a place where I can start re-binding books.

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