I Can’t Interpret the Bible but I Can Interpret History

Perhaps responding to recent apostasies, Mark Horne put the problem with certain conversions to Rome and the East perfectly:

You are not impressing anyone when you claim that you don’t have the ability to read the Bible for itself but you do have the ability to study all of Christian history and identify the supernatural office that can tell you what to think.
If you can really read and argue from history in the hope of persuading others, then why not simply argue for your views from Scripture?  If you aren’t following your own authority in deciding which church to submit to then how are you following your own authority when you read the Bible and believe what it says? If you are willing to argue over the meaning of the last papal writings, why not argue over the meaning of Scripture?
The fragmented nature of the Catholic Church and the Orthodox churches gives the lie to the “unity” narrative. And yes, you think you can interpret history perfectly, but not the Bible…patently absurd.

4 thoughts on “I Can’t Interpret the Bible but I Can Interpret History”

  1. The Bible college from which I graduated had on their staff a teacher who taught New Testament Survey, but he had no idea that the Romans had ever lived in England. He expressed surprise when he found out.

    I guess that is just the other side of the ignorance coin: knowing or assuming one understands the New Testament without understanding the history of Western Civilization.

    For the record, I was absolutely appalled. My opinion did not make one iota of difference to the school. We all have our blind spots.

  2. I appreciate this post a great deal Joel. I have made this same point many times to friends in the Roman communion and have never received a reply that dislodges the point. I often argue that folks in the Roman sect read history as scripture. It seems to me that they sadly believe that history is more perspicacious than scripture.

    1. Thanks. They condemn those who choose and do not ‘submit’ and yet they *choose* to submit. We all make a choice, there is no getting around it. They choose based on a reading of history but think that they are above choosing.

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