ACNA Fail – Part 1

The “conservative” Anglicans in the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) just ordained another woman to be a priest(ess). Perhaps they need to be love-bombed with copies of the forthcoming Why Ministers Must Be Men.

It is not surprising that ACNA is doing this, because it has been clear from before its inception that this is an issue where various member bodies held the innovative and unorthodox position. It is, however, disappointing as it is something that will tear this body apart in the future if it is not addressed and changed.

At bottom, it points out that much of ACNA is simply warmed over 1970’s Episcopalianism minus the gay stuff. Arminian, charismatic, not Reformational, not terribly committed to living the Bible despite words to the contrary, and thus, blown about here and there by the culture. We need to inject more Van Til, Leithart and Jordan into this hybrid of theologies, or it will spin into oblivion.

9 thoughts on “ACNA Fail – Part 1”

  1. I don’t think the charismatic stuff is part of the problem, but overall probably an accurate prognosis. Hopefully the motivation that led them to split from obvious liberalism will drive them into deeper thought about all these things…

  2. Yes, I am not against charismata or the charismatic movement per se. It’s more that a lot of the “conservatives” are looking back to the Jesus Movement as some sort of high point that needs to recaptured, bad music and all.
    I hope that a new generation of leadership will move away from women’s ordination, but it might also become ingrained as normal if this keeps up.

  3. Too late, Joel. It’s already deeply ingrained. Why, if women can be doctors and lawyers, why can’t they be ministers of the Gospel?

    The Bishops of the AM/AMiA/ACNA don’t seem to have explored these matters very deeply at all.

  4. I don’t disagree, but I don’t see any option other than working from within for reformation.

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