Going Paperless

I bought a new scanner – I really haven’t had a workable one for years and years – so I am now setting out to scan every bit of paper in the house that I can and upload it to the cloud. I want to throw away as many papers, documents and magazines as I can and keep it all electronically. This is a laborious process but I expect it to pay dividends in the end. I hope to eliminate a lot of clutter and searching for things this way.

4 thoughts on “Going Paperless”

  1. I’m just scanning everything to PDF and then uploading the PDFs to Google Docs. You can do it to any of these online cloud services like Google Docs (or Gmail itself), Windows Sky Drive, etc.

  2. While I suppose this isn’t any more inherently risky than burning/tossing paper as far as losing your data, I would venture it’s far less secure… Google is currently a pretty well run company, ‘Don’t be evil’ and all, but too much information online may be just that.

    But then again, I am not sure exactly what you’re scanning. Most of what I read or need aside from books is already online.

    1. I’m not worried about Google, just someone hacking Google. But that can never happen, right? er, wait….

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