Biblical Theocracy

James Jordan says:

The gospel is the announcement that Jesus is now king of the entire world, and that all nations are to be discipled. Israel was the model discipled nation, and now all nations are to be discipled. Israel’s history relates typologically to all the world now, as we are put into the olive tree. Everything God told Israel, including the Law, is typologically normative for all the world, for all nations. I call this “Biblical theocracy.”

The gospel is not theology or ideas. It is not experiences. It it not even the church considered merely as some kind of annabaptist worshiping community in the midst of a world that will never be changed. The gospel is a new creation, a new world. It is Christendom. It is theocracy. This is not “theonomy” as Bahnsen defined it, but it is close enough that it looks like it to many people. And the practical implications of Biblical Theocracy are often quit similar to “theonomy” as regards the discipleship of nations, because typological application is still application. And just as the early church directly challenged Caesar’s purported lordship, there is a need today for the prophetic people of God to directly challenge modern ideas of law and democracy and insist on the crown rights of King Jesus.

6 thoughts on “Biblical Theocracy”

  1. I long for this to be realized in our time! My heart is so incredibly heavy on account of the way our society and culture have gone – the heartbeat of our community has agressively eskewed the Living God and the impact and interaction of the Gospel upon and throughout the public and private sphere alike. Christianity, as Dr. Robert Gascoin has insightfully put it, has been reduced to a private affair (conducted in secret – my addition) between conscenting adults). the churches today have become so oft incredibly dilute – either due to complacency, apethy, desperation or persecution – case in point, the EU’s lunatic prosecution against the Crucifix in italian schools – a refusal to recognize the right of this people to reflect the faith that forms a dynamic part of their culture even today, and that is part and parcel of their herritage – for the greater portion of its history, faith lived out in the truest sense of the term.

    I can see real persecution in the West as we have never seen it before, a type of persecution known only in the farthest foreign places – aimed at those of us who live out our faith (even ‘without words’) as a frighteningly plausible reality in an equally shockingly brief time from now…I pray God I’m wrong.


    1. Sarah – I don’t disagree that things are rather dismal at the moment in may respects. I do believe that Jesus presently reigns and will disciple all the nations via the proclamation of the Gospel and the baptism of the nations. Things wax and wane but the seeds for our future triumph are buried in the present malaise.

  2. Such is of course a recipe for imperialist invasions and inevitable totalitarian rulership.

    Only we right-thinking Christians know and possess the “truth”–which means that everyone else is wrong and living in darkness. And that we have a “great commission” to convert the entire world into our own benighted image—using whatever means that we can, or are acceptable in any given time and place.

    Fortunately Western democracies invented the principle of separation of church and state to PROTECT us from the self-righteousness which you advocate.
    This principle was invented largely as a response to the Protestant vs “Catholic” religious wars that raged across Europe for centuries.

    Never mind too, that in 2010 all of the Sacred Scriptures of the entire Great Tradition of humankind are freely available to any one with and internet connection. And everything about all of the Traditions too–including the HORRORS that they have committed (this is especially true regarding Christian-ISM).

    Plus there are over 4 billion living-breathing-feeling human being on this planet who are not Christian.

    And somehow in your arrogant hubris you think that you know what is best for every one.

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