Schism and Heresy

In the letters of John Hales to D. Carlton on the Synod of Dort, Hales relates how a member of the Synod defined heresy and schism. A certain Lydius of South-Holland proposed this distinction between schism and heresy:
…For a Schism is only a breach of Charity and Peace of the Church, the Doctrine remaining entire. If there were a separation by reason of Doctrine Heretical (as here he thought there was) it was not to be called a Schism.

2 thoughts on “Schism and Heresy”

  1. Keen insight on the part of the Dutchman. Carrying that thought to a practical application, it would be TEC playing the schismatic in their “flipping the bird” to the greater Anglican Communion rather than the North American Anglicans who’ve simply said that enough is enough.

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