Can someone tell me how it makes sense for Rowan Williams to on the one hand endorse Anglicans moving to Rome which does not ordain women or homosexuals, while on the other hand allowing these same errors in his own church? I guess praying to Saints and bowing to images is fine to him, it’s just the man sleeping with man thing that Rome needs to catch up on.

3 thoughts on “Muddle”

  1. Keen observations Joel. It does seem to reflect troubling levels of ambiguity and (without personally insulting ++Rowan), a certain level of naivete. This may well be the reason for the seismic shift from Canterbury to points south. But this is only one Ordinand’s opinion.

  2. Joel,

    Allowing these errors in his church? Are you referring to the Church of England (that being “his church”)? I did not know that the C of E ordains practicing homosexuals as a formal practice.

    If by “his church” you mean the Communion, well, all I can say is that it is not simply the case that the Communion is “his church.” As I am sure you realize, the role of the ABC is not at all analogous to that of the Pope in the Roman Catholic Church.



  3. Matt, yes, I am referring to the COE. Just because he isn’t the Pope doesn’t mean he has no authority. He could excommunicate, exhort, rebuke or simply say that homosexuality is an abomination to God. But we know that he doesn’t believe that and it shows.

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