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Related to my last post on information overload, I received a coveted invite to Google Wave today. I have no one to “Wave” with, so it’s essentially a dud right now, but my initial experience with it matches a review I read a week or so ago. The essence of the review was that Wave makes communication even more overwhelming. Not only do you IM people “live”, you see what they are typing and they see what you are typing prior to clicking send.
If you have multiple Waves occurring at the same time, you’ll have messages coming in, documents getting updated, and other things going off all over the place. I don’t see it as very helpful. The only way I think it will work is (like everything else) to use hierarchical authority and drill down when you need to, but that would be old school and Wave can’t be old school.
I think tools like Wave may catch on at the high school/junior high level, but I can’t see it moving into the workplace. Do you know how often people where I work use the (pathetic) asynchronous features of SharePoint? About never. Do people use discussions instead of e-mail? No. Do they work on the same document or mail versions of it around? Generally, the mail it with their name attached to the file as a revision, straight out of 1997. People where I work barely know how to use Word, do you think they’ll catch on to Wave? No way.
The niche I see for this tool is as a college age and younger time waster while doing homework, assuming people DO homework anymore and don’t just use Google to cheat. But what do I know? This might be a huge hit and I just can’t see it right now.

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  1. i flatly refuse to use anything with ‘Google’ in its title; even search engine; (instead choosing to use Google, to my thinking, is like a pernicious disease that is gradually seeking to infect all aspects of our lives wherein electronic media is used. bottom line, WE DON’T NEED THREE QUARTERS OF THIS RUBBISH!! – not for work, not for recreation, not for home, family, education etc!! Its invasive, and ‘doublethought’ to me, because we are so overwhelmed we cannot think properly or be truly human; that’s it, it dehumanizes!

    Just a thought from an E-Ludite!! AND PROUD OF IT!!

    PS: As a university student, let me be the first to say that I am not hampered in the least by refusing to climb onto the latest, greatest bandwagon to grind into town…

  2. At the risk of sounding uber-geekish, I am catching a definite whif of ‘borg collective’ meets 1984 meets ‘Brave new World’ in the middle of all of this.

    So, let’s turn our backs on the slow yet steady process of assymilation…

    I think readers will know exactly what I mean…


  3. If you don’t like Google, you might also try Cuil or Hakia. They are newer search engines. I am addicted to Google, so there is no going back for me.

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