NY Islamic Bomb Attack

So even the Times is now forced to cover this story – though it still isn’t drawing as much attention as it should. Apparently our friends in the Religion of Peace were mixing chemicals in Denver, traveling to Pakistan and planning on blowing up who knows what. Another story says that the Feds may be looking for up to 18 of these nice fellows who must have missed our past few Presidents’ words about Islam being a religion of peace.

This would have been a massive attack that would have killed, maimed and caused more economic turmoil at an already fragile time. Where is the President in all of this? Where are the papers?

1 thought on “NY Islamic Bomb Attack”

  1. Where was the President? My guess would be authorizing the Attorney General to order the arrests.

    What’s the problem, exactly? The supposedly America haters who now control Washington found a threat and squelched it, like their jobs require them to. And this is something they should be criticized for?

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