The NY Times Doesn’t Care

I think the latest possible cell broken up in New York was very serious. They had bomb making notes, trips to Pakistan, backpacks, fuses, etc. Their goal was probably to blow up the subways in New York like London and Madrid before them. And yet the left doesn’t want this message of messy warfare to disrupt the new enlightened moment we are in since last November. I looked at the NY Times this morning and there is nothing on the top fold of the front page on the story at all. The newspaper in the very city that would have experienced death, disruption and misery doesn’t want to talk about Muslims who wanted to kill them. What a joke that paper is. I don’t know why I still read it. A bunch of shills for the Party who need to take a course or two in Western Civ from St. John’s or New St. Andrews, not NYU or Yale.

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