Two years ago, (2007) there were more acorns then I have ever seen on the ground. It was a bombardment from the oaks around us. Last year, no acorns, or next to no acorns, fell. This was a strange juxtaposition. The forest seemed to be preparing for the lean year by the overabundant year. This was not simply a local phenomenon either; I read that it was across the east coast in the New York Times.

I’ve started to see the early acorns falling already this year. I guess I should expect a moderate year after the past two, but who can say? I wonder what’s going on and if it is tied at all to the other weird things going on in the world, such as the honeybee die-off and the bat virus on the east coast? I’ve seen a few bees this summer, but not many. All I seem to see are hornets, wasps and bumblebees. The small honeybees just aren’t around much.

5 thoughts on “Acorn”

  1. Funny, I’ve considred Beekeeping as a hobby, but Robin is deathly allergic to to the little troopers. I suppose the next step might be to find a local orchard where the owner and I might strike up a partnership of sorts.

  2. I have no idea what the “root” cause is, but if you ask the Al Gore worshippers I am sure it all relates somehow to global warming.

  3. This is a bit off topic, but the vaulted ceiling on the blog’s mast head is stunning. Is it a shot of the Hagia Sophia?

  4. No, it’s St. Nicholas Orthodox in D.C., right down the road from the National Cathedral. In the fall they have a Russian festival which we have been to twice.

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