Conservative Pragmatism

A vocal segment of the so-called conservative movement are setting themselves up for a fall in a few areas. The reason for this is that they are arguing based on pragmatic results rather than first principles.
For example, many of the arguments against the stimulus plan and other economic moves made by the President come down to the fact that “it won’t work.” Never in history has something like this worked, says the Hannity’s and Limbaugh’s of the world. But what if it does work? We’re not looking at complete, Marxist central planning. The US economy has depth and resilience enough that it might self-heal and we could have GDP growth of 3-4% by 2010 or 11. What then?
It would be far better to oppose such policies because they squander money, increase state power and the threat of tyranny, and bankrupt our nation. God requires ten percent of our income, can the State require whatever it wants? Is there any point at which the State can steal, just like you and I can steal? But these are not the grounds on which I hear objections. I hear that it won’t “work.” Does killing your baby in the womb increase your ability to earn income? Can it be said to then “work”? These pragmatic arguments, divorced from God’s law and sound reasoning, have a high probability of failing.

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