Immigrant Song

I’m trying to find out how to help relocated immigrants as a church. I am looking at resettled, legal immigrants that need help with everything – English, rides, jobs, clothes, you name it. The Federal and State governments administer help to these people, as do  some church agencies, with Catholic and Lutheran bodies seeming to be the main providers.

I’m thinking about this in terms of a practical way to obey the commands of the Scripture and also as a potential way to convert the lost and sink roots in an immigrant community. Since it is so hard to reach the suburbs due to atomized people, the marginalized and immigrants in our area may be a place to start.

So far I’m having no luck in getting my e-mails to various agencies answered, so I am at ground zero right now. I have no clue what I am doing but I hope that it will work out.

2 thoughts on “Immigrant Song”

  1. That is a definite need. My church just started helping refugees that are brought to Tucson and left to flounder. They speak broken English, need help with transportation, finding jobs, making friends, and childcare. We partnered with an already-established organization.

    I’ll be praying for this, because I think it’s very good and important.

  2. Thanks. That sounds like a good thing. I’m willing to partner if we have to, I just can’t get any response right now.

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