AMiA Ordaining Women

Bad news! It is not surprising, but is very sad, that the AMiA is continuing to reject the entire history of the Church – Old Covenant and New Covenant – and is ordaining women to the priesthood; see this newsletter. The priestess in question pastors a church in Canada. Increasingly, the AMiA looks a lot like CANA on the national level, and that’s not a good thing. I hope to say more soon about the recent issue of WAVE that came out and which was uninspiring on many levels.

If the Anglican Church in North America does not repent and get right on this issue, it will have no coherent ground to stand on when facing relativism all around. Rejecting the Bible, the canon law, the history of the Church until radicals in the last century innovated – this will continue to undermine the very Gospel that ACNA seeks to spread. It will also lead people the faithful to Rome, to the East, to groups like TPEC or the CRE.

In the short term, the number of faithful and vital Anglican congregations is the size of a man’s hand. Lord be merciful to us and increase our faithfulness.

2 thoughts on “AMiA Ordaining Women”

  1. That was the ACIC…Anglican Coaliton in Canada…under the umbrella of the Anglican Mission in the Americas. AMiA does not ordain women and it too is under the umbrella of the Anglican Mission in the Americas. Two seperate groups under one umbrella

  2. Not good, either way. Not to mention that Africa is ok with the practice. Hopefully we can roll that back.

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