ESV BCP Daily Office Lectionary

How’s that for acronyms? The English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible has a fantastic tool for performing the daily office of the Book of Common Prayer (BCP). The ESV compiles the daily Bible readings: Psalms, OT, NT, Gospel – click this link. Not only that, if you use an RSS reader of some kind (I use Google Reader), you can subscribe to the RSS feed for this service and have it automatically show up every day! And that’s still not all! In Google Reader, the audio for the feed also shows up automatically, so I can click play and listen to the all of the day’s readings. I think this is way cool and I suggest it to you as a tool. The ESV site also has other reading plans if you’re not down with the BCP.

2 thoughts on “ESV BCP Daily Office Lectionary”

  1. Joel, I didn’t realize that you could get that on RSS. Are you a fan of the ESV as well? I keep hearing more and more great things about it, and the ESV Study Bible looks quite impressive.

  2. Hey Scott! Yes, I’m a big fan of the ESV, although I’m sort of pan-translational – I like many of them for different reasons: KJV, NAS, NEB and ESV. I wish we had a common Bible throughout Christendom, and the ESV seems to be moving in that direction right now, at least amongst Protestants.

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