Planting Churches in Urban Soil

At the AMiA Winter Conference, a workshop was held on “Planting Churches in Urban Soil.” It was presented by the Reverends Tommy Hinson, Mark Booker, Dan Claire and Bishop Thad Barnum.

Dan Claire started the Church of the Resurrection about six years ago on Capitol Hill. In January of 08, Resurrection launched Church of the Advent in the Takoma Park area of DC. Last week, the Church of the Ascension was launched in Arlington. These churches break the mold of growing mega-churches. They are smaller parishes that reach about 200 people, then hive off a new church. You can read the notes from the presentation here, and listen to the audio here.

Good stuff abounds.

4 thoughts on “Planting Churches in Urban Soil”

  1. I read with interest the notes from the presentation “Planting Churches in Urban Soil.” Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger in their book, Simple Church: Returning to God’s Process for Making Disciples recommend that churches should organize around a single focus–the process of making disciples. They explain why and describe how to go about it. My own experiences of the past six years in three new church starts supports their thesis.

  2. The adobe presentation was highly informative, thanks for sharing.
    Has AMIA undertaken any efforts into the Latino communities? I’m very curious about this, especially in light of our common community here in NoVA. The fields in this area are white unto harvest for that particular group.

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