Richard Baxter on Visiting Parishioners

Richard Baxter wrote a book that ought to be read by every minister in our own day. It was called The Reformed Pastor. Baxter’s own ministry involved teaching families in their homes for his entire life. He taught them the basics of the faith and questioned where they were at with God at the time. I think this ministry must be recovered, despite our geographical separation. Baxter, in recommending the method of in-home catechizing, says:

We spend Monday and Tuesday, from morning almost to night, in the work, taking about fifteen or sixteen families in a week, that we go through the parish, in which there are upwards of eight hundred families, in a year;

3 thoughts on “Richard Baxter on Visiting Parishioners”

  1. Baxter is still the gold standard for pastoral ministry. Calvin Miller’s contemporary parable, “O Shepherd, Where Art Thou?” has Baxter’s ghost haunting an ambitious pastor who wishes he had a megachurch. It’s an entertaining read.

    Are you in Greensboro this week?

  2. Amen on Baxter.
    No, I wish I was there. I thought about going. My friends from DC are there, including Dan Claire. Keep us posted on the goings-on.

  3. I plan to live blog the forum on the future of Anglicanism in North America tomorrow (Thursday) from 3:30-4:30, assuming the battery on my laptop has a longer lifespan than the one on my digital camera (I left the charger at home!). Here’s a video clip from opening night, before the battery died.

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