Charismatic worship attracting Hispanics

So says this article. One of the thoughts with the large Hispanic influx into the USA was that it would produce a new Catholic and conservative majority due to Rome’s strong teachings on the culture of life. This has not materialized to date. From stories like this it seems that at least part of the incoming population is acculturating so quickly that they are abandoning centuries of their heritage and faith. Perhaps this would be good if they were becoming full-orbed Protestants, but if they are choosing churches due to worship style and not doctrine, then we are only perpetuating the problems of Protestant America.

What I’m sure you will see in the Catholic Church is an emphasis on just what they are looking for – upbeat music and more focus on a personal relationship with God. It’s not like Rome lacks resources in this area. My question is, are any of these new Pentecostal/Charismatic Hispanic churches teaching on monergism vs. synergism? Are they teaching on bowing to images and praying to saints? Do they even practice the Lord’s Table? If not, then this is yet another reason why we strongly need a full-orbed Anglican option. Protestantism in the USA needs a strong, historic, liturgical and sacramental option that does not abandon the 2,000 years of New Covenant worship history. ACNA will need a strong Hispanic outreach.

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  1. To me there is much good in the Charismatic expression, so long as it is an expression of the Holy Catholic Church. There is need of more of the Charismatic expression within the traditional Anglican movement. A charismatic expression based in a sacerdotal framework is a wonderful thing.


  2. Pentecostalism has been thriving in Central and South America since the second half of the last century. I am not surprised that Hispanics in the United States would be attracted to Pentecostal and Charismatic churches. I have a friend in Chile who attends an Anglican church there. The church was founded by English missionaries and is decidedly Evangelical in its theology. However, the songs used in its worship you are also likely to find in a Pentecostal or Charismatic church. Hispanics prefer lively worship music. They also prefer an experiential spirituality.

    Sacerdotalism really has no place in an Anglican church and especially in a church that believes that the Holy Spirit operates today as he has throughout history. The New Testament teaches that all believers have been given charismata, or manifestations, of the Holy Spirit for the upbuilding of the church and not one class of believer, which is the basic premise of sacerdotalism.

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